IKON guarantees it’s clients a true partnership approach and a positive platform to accomplish all their cleaning objectives in a cohesive, controlled and comprehensive manner.  

By doing so, we strive to allow our clients the time and energy to focus on their core business, confident that IKON will deliver advanced cleaning, customer support and supervision. 





IKON’s client base is diverse


it boasts some unique long term partnerships in the following sectors: 

  • Commercial



  • Government


  • Entertainment & Retail Complex’s

    Entertainment & Retail Complex’s

  • Carparks

    Health & Aged Care

  • Hotels & Accommodation

    Hotels & Accommodation

  • Events


  • Education


  • Carparks


IKON defines quality as “A Pledge to Exceed Customer Satisfaction.”


We incorporate the following practices and culture to ensure the quality of the services we deliver.


›        Dependability:  

Deliver what is specified in the right way at the right time


›        Usability:

Present our information in specific formats that our client can easily read and understand;


›        Usefulness:  

Respond appropriately to our clients needs;


›        Responsiveness and flexibility:  

Adapt readily to the evolving client needs;

›        Sustainability:  

Affordable and consistent over time;


›        Transparency:

Openness in communication and accountability;


›        Proactive:

Take the lead in identifying issues and finding solutions


  Our client relationship are built on a transparent & collaborative approach

  with a view to developing long lasting partnerships.