IKON appreciates that organisations seek to partner with companies that address the spectrum of responsibilities and ethical concerns they have. Ethically responsible cleaning services should have an environmental focus, naturally investing in sustainability, green initiatives and environmental concerns.




IKON recognises, and is committed to; provide a high standard in Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) for our employees, clients and members of the public. To this end, we demand a positive attitude and stringent performance with respect to health, safety and the working environment by all employees.


 IKON is committed to the involvement of employees in the management of Occupational Health & Safety. IKON will work in partnership with all of the clients to provide safe working environments and to progressively review all client facilities compliance with this requirement.


 IKON encourages:


›  A safe working environment by developing and maintaining sound systems at work.

›  Ongoing training at all levels to provide information and ensure all employees.

  Implementation of new work methods whenever necessary and assess all risks prior to purchasing new equipment or engaging in new areas of operations.

  That the production of goods and materials procured for the use by IKON, the uses of these goods and materials within our business, and the ultimate disposal of waste, have been considered with long term implication to health, safety and working environment.

›  IKON encourages regular evaluation of its Occupational Health & Safety policy so we can achieve a high standard of corporate citizenship.




In line with IKON’s Environmental Management System (EMS) ISO 14001 accreditation, IKON is actively promoting ongoing processes being utilised to improve our environmental performance in the workplace.


 By working closely with our clients, IKON is able to develop a scheme that allows environmental obligations and aspirations to be managed using cost-effective and innovative techniques. 


 IKON is committed to achieving a high standard of corporate citizenship by upholding its responsibility to protect and enhance the environment.  In order to achieve this we will endeavour to:


›  Train all staff in such a manner that the full effect of environmental issues and consequences are both flagged and properly understood by all employees

  Develop and encourage environmental standards for use in our operations

  Investigate and document comprehensively any environmental concerns and / or accidents

  Consider and analyse the environmental impact of new products and operations.



IKON is actively promoting ongoing processes being utilised

to improve our environmental perfomance in the workplace.